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Theatre for the Soul

Scrooge’s New Year

Rich Already, Where’s Happiness?

Beijing China – Rich already, where’s happiness? Find your happiness with Scrooge in his journey to retrieve his soul.

A stage production with healing power for the soul, Scrooge’s New Year is adapted from A Christmas Carol, written by the world-renowned British writer Charles Dickens, will run at Theatre 46 from January 26 through February 7, 2010. This world-class stage production has attracted distinguished producers and theatre artists from both China and US, and will focus on current Chinese society, explore the changing worlds of substance, abundance and spiritual depravity and finally find happiness by awakening to the truth, kindness and beauty in our hearts and souls. Teamed with award-winning American composer Jordan Rudess and first-class Chinese theatre professionals, acknowledged American Director Joseph Graves will direct this production with splendid Chinese taste by using Chinese Spring Festival, Chinese language, Chinese social backgrounds and Chinese art forms. This first-time Chinese stage adaptation of A Christmas Carol will set off in the New Year a new era of soul exploring in the Chinese Theatre. This is a story of greed and love, hope and salvation, and its magical festive atmosphere and humor will certainly be a treat to people of all ages. Liang Guoqing, who starred as Heisenberg in the National Theatre’s production of Copenhagen, will play Scrooge in this production.

Director Joseph Graves said of this production. “Today when wealth is building in China at a furious pace it is vital to remember what is truly important. We hope to make the experience of Scrooge’s journey as real as possible. Ghosts are scary. Confronting what you have become and your lost dreams can be devastating – the joy of rebirth and getting a second chance the most exhilarating feeling in the world.” Joe has a resume that is impressive indeed. Over the last thirty years, Joseph has directed over fifty stage productions, including classical, contemporary, musical theatre and opera, in America, Great Britain and China, such productions include: Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, The Alchemist, The Sea Gull, Three Sisters, The Private Lives of The Master RaceandFiddleron the Roofat such notable venues as: The Welsh National Theatre, The Royal Court Theatre, and The Haymarket Theatre (West End) in Great Britain and numerous theatres throughout America as well as several in China.

Liang Guoqing who plays Scrooge has played roles in numerous productions in his over 25 years of professional career including Heshi Jade, Don Juan and Copenhagen. He is a rank-A actor of the National Theatre of China. He won China Theatre Circle’s Gold Lion Award in 2008. The remaining over 60 characters in this fantastical New Year’s classic will be played by 8 professional performers and 12 young actors and actresses from PKU Institute of World Theatre and Film.

The Theatre 46 version of Scrooge’s New Year was adapted by the multi-talented Frank Lee whose career as a writer, producer and businessman spans more than 30 years. He is the Executive Producer of "37", an epic movie featuring Liu Xiaoqing, Charlie Young, Lin Miaoke and 37 children of the Quintessence Hulun Buir Choir to be released in 2010 worldwide. Executive Producer of SONS OF CUBA, a documentary winning awards of Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2009, International Rome Film Festival, Sheffield Documentary Festival and Havana Film Festival...

Frank is also the writer of 37 THE DOCUMENTARY and NEXT BIG THING, and wrote the lyrics for I LOVE YOU ZHONGGUO, BALLAD OF 1421, BALLAD OF 37 and scores of songs about China.

Frank was the Founder and Managing Director of China Regional Headquarters of Apollo Computer (1984-88) and Silicon Graphics (1988-93) and was instrumental in the transfer of various westerntechnologies to China.

What is a New Year’s story without music? Jordan Rudess, composer and musician has written an original score for Scrooge’s New Year that will transport the audience into the world of Ebenezer Scrooge. Mr. Rudess is a most accomplished musician who has played with everyone from the legendary Dixie Degas to the outrageous David Bowie. Voted Best New Talent-Keyboardist category in the 1994 Keyboard Magazine Reader’s Poll, he is the composer and keyboardist of the international rock band Dream Theater and regularly plays with the Grammy Award winning Paul Winter Consort.

Ebenezer Scrooge is one of Charles Dickens’ most colorful and literature’s most famous characters. Attached to his money, unfeeling towards the needy and cynical of all holiday merriment, Scrooge is a man ardently set in his ways – until one fateful New Year’s Eve. The ghost of Jacob Marley, Ebenezer’s deceased partner, appears to his friend warning him of the three spirits that will visit that very night. The ghosts call on Scrooge one by one showing him visions of his past, present and future New Years’ and offering him the means to save his cold and empty soul. Filled with hope, humor and spiritual salvation, Scrooge’s New Year is a story for all ages.

Scrooge’s New Year starring Liang Guoqing will play from January 26th through February 7th. Evening performances are at 7:30 and Monday evening is dark. Ticket prices are RMB 50 (students only), 100, 200 & 300.

Tickets can be purchased by stopping by the theatre or calling 400-630-6016 (Theatre 46), 400-610-3721 (, 13810516926 (group sales)